Monday, March 14, 2011

What I Have Been Doing

During the week of Shakespearean posts I was still sewing. So what have I been sewing?

A 1950 inspired pink dress. I am making this to be my Easter outfit this year. I do not have a pattern and it has been completely designed and altered by me. It is sleeveless with a sweethearts neckline, fitted waist, and a gored skirt with box pleats. I have been taking some pictures as I make this and I shall post them once I have time to download and edit them.

I also have made/making costumes for our local production of Suessical. These are exciting and bright costumes with alot of trim. Again I have pictures and will post them once I have downloaded the pictures, hopefully this weekend, but no promises.

I have also made a Victorian inspired vest and a matching beret.

I am also working on designing and constructing a formal prom gown. This is to have a layered bodice and handbeaded jacket. I am still in the design stage and have not yet progressed to cutting material yet.

There are several other minor sewing projects that I have completed during this time also that I shall not bore you with the details.

As I mentioned before I do have pictures and shall post them asap.

That is for now, just wanted you all to know I am still alive and sewing.

Happy Pi day!!!

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