Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~Tuesday Tutorial~ Sweater leggings

 So I have always liked leg warmers. Thankfully for me, they are coming back into fashion now and I no longer look like an outdated weirdo who doesn’t keep up with the times. Oh wait,  that's is how I will always dress.
 Anyhow, I knit myself a pair and love them. But I wanted more and didn’t want to take the time required for knitting them from scratch.
 I  tried the upcycling an old sweater method and decided to share it with you here today. How to turn a sweater into leg warmers.

So I picked up an old sweater at Salvation Army for $1.50 that I felt would cut up nicely and that I liked the sleeves. The whole sweater by itself is rather ugly really, but I only wanted the sleeves.

I cut off the bottom ribbing and the sleeves of the sweater. 

I cut the bottom ribbing down to pieces the same length as the top of the sleeves and surged the ends together.

Then I surged them onto the raw edges of the sleeves.

And viola, I had leg warmers. As a note, if you don't have a surger, they you will want to use a zigzag stitch on your machine. As it allows for stretch and also finishes the edge.

I think they are a fun way of adding a splash of color to an otherwise boring outfit. I have lost count of the number of compliments I have gotten on these. Plus, they are super warm which is a plus, especially for all this snow in March we are getting here.

Have fun cutting up all the old sweaters you can get your hands on. I know I am going to be making some more! Just picked up some more sweaters at a goodwill clearance rack since it is spring. So I will be prepared next winter.