Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twelfth Night

As I think most Shakespeare enthusiasts agree Twelfth Night is a very enjoyable story with all of its plot twists and turns.

Last summer a friend was having a masquerade party. I had buzzed my hair a few months earlier to donate my hair in support of a cancer patient and thus had very short hair. So I decided to go as one of my favorite Shakespeare characters, Cesario/Viola.

I went in Regency Period dress as I could achieve that with little additional construction as two of my brothers are similar in size as I. It was a fun costume and very different for me as I never wear pants and this was the first time for most of my friends to see me wearing pants. I had memorized all of Cesario/Viola's lines to use when I needed. However, I confess I did a poor job staying in character as most of the girls did not know who I was and thus did not quite understand the girl being a guy who is still really a girl. I still enjoyed all the character analysis I put into the character before hand. I believe it was just further proof that I am not an actress.

Anyhow, I am planning my next Shakespeare character and am trying to decide between Portia (Merchant of Venice), Katherine (The Taming Of the Shrew), and Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing). There are so many other Shakespeare heroines that I love also, but they are all not as well known. I am thinking Katherine might win. I find her character interesting.


Miss Pickwickian said...

Portia would be easier to play, Beatrice and Katherine would be considerably more fun. ;-)

Laura said...

Agreed! I have most of their dialogue already memorized and just have to come up with a costume. I believe Katherine would be the most fun to put together.