Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

I will admit that I did enjoy this play despite the fact that today it would probably be R rated. That is because it deals with some rather nasty material (incest, brothels and murder). But Shakespeare uses these elements to furthur build the virtues characters of the play. Marina is a wonderfully virtues and note worthy character. Despite all the bad that happens to her she always makes something good out if it. Shakespeare also uses elements from mythology in this play (someone being thrown into the sea in a chest and washing ashore alive). It is totally unrealistic how the plot unfolds, but in its unreality I found it enjoyable. In looking back it did read a lot like Greek mythology. This is one of his plays that as you read it you are feeling as if it must be a tragedy because things seem to just get worse. However, by the end everyone is married and lives happily ever after. Overall I enjoyed the play and have read parts of it a second time. It is however not a story for small children.

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