Monday, March 21, 2011

Literature Lilts

Random literature note for the day.

I have really been enjoying the short stories of Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (September 22, 1872–June 4, 1958). She was nationally recognized and her works commonly appeared in the Ladies Home Journal.

I have read, or rather listened to four of her stories.

  • Molly Make-Believe 

  • The White Linen Nurse 

  • Little Eve Edgarton

  • The Indiscreet Letter

  • I have enjoyed all of them and am looking for more of her works. I enjoy the fact that these stories have more substance than a normal short story, and yet they are not too terribly long.

    Abbott's works can be found free online as all of her works are in the public domain.

    You can find them as free audio books on
    And you can find them as free ebooks on

    Now if you do not know either of these two websites you need to go check them out right away. They have hundreds of free audio and ebooks that are in the public domain for download. These are two of the websites that I visit the most on my computer. So if you have never been to these websites you need to go over there NOW. You will be impressed.

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