Friday, March 4, 2011

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
A tragedy and also one of Shakespeare's longest plays that is not in parts. I would almost have to say this is my favorite tragedy, but there are others that I enjoy just as much. I am giving this one a 10/10. Hamlet is an interesting character and he rationalizes everything out and puts a lot of thought into everything. Hamlet has a lot of speeches and almost fifty percent of all the dialogue is his. As far as movie versions go Kenneth Branagh did his version with himself playing Hamlet. This one is incredibly long as Branagh uses the full script. But Branagh does add unnecessary scenes. Mel Gibson did his version with himself as Hamlet and this version is much shorter. Then there is a Laurence Olivier version and I can't remember it much. There are other versions out there but those are the three I have seen. Overall I prefer reading this play rather than seeing it in movie form.

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Miss Pickwickian said...

I love Hamlet. :-)

I agree that there are problems with Branagh's version, but I could have sat through another hour or more. It was wonderful. :-)