Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Steampunk Fascinator

Happy New Year!

So this year while making one of my Christmas gifts I had the opportunity of trying a new craft out.
 I got to use wire and beads for the first time while making a Seampunk Fascinator.
I made my first ganutell flower. Also known as Wire and Floss Flowers.

I used bronze and copper wires and combined it with some glass eye beads and swarovskian crystals for bling. All the metal supplies came from Unkamen Supplies. Check out their Etsy store for all sorts of beads, wires and jewelry making supplies.

Unkamen make the twisted spaced coils specifically for me for this project. They are great! I went for the twisted wires on the spaced coils for a more steampunky look.

Vintage keys and chains are a must for anything steampunk related. Unkamen supplies also makes all sorts of jump rings for chain mail. My brothers made the chain for me. I wasn't ready quite yet to get that into metal working.

And of course you have clock parts and gears for a steampunk facsinator. Yes, that is part of a zipper as well.

I dug through my box of scraps and found some interesting steampunky fabrics, trims and laces as well. Just a lot of cool random stuff.

This was a custom order for a good friend as a gift for her daughter. Modeled below by the daughter/recipient.

I liked the pop of colour that the peacock flowers added and couldn't resist throwing them into the array as well.

I shall do a tutorial on the ganutell flowers later. 

That is all for now! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Little Women the Musical Costumes

My latest costume endeavor was designing Little Women the Musical back in November.
I know, a month ago and I am just now finally getting pictures up... 
I am not exactly known for being prompt am I?

Most people know the story of Little Women.
The four March sisters as they grow up during the Civil War.
So my first period play to design set in the Civil War era! Yeah, exciting!

I want to first mention the set, designed and built by one of my many talented brothers.
Pretty impressive, right.

Amy, Meg, and Beth playing dress up.

Beth and Marmee preparing Jo and Meg for the ball.

Jo meets Theodore Laurence III at the ball.

Random ball goer

More random ball goers

Another random ball lady.

Meg meets Brooke. (With random ball people in the background.) Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of some of my ballroom attendants.

Beth, Amy, Meg, Laurie and Jo swear to be loyal friends.

Jo cuts her hair.


Trolls and the fair Clarissa

An old knight with monks. (Yes that is real chain mail.)

The Rodrigoes, Clarissa and Villainous Braxton.

Meg and Brooke

Mr. Laurence gives his piano to sick Beth.

Amy returns home from Europe with Aunt March

Laurie has grown up as well.

Marmee, Amy and Meg as they prepare for Amy's wedding day.

Professor Bhaer and Jo

Finally, the entire cast at curtain call.

And there is a brief recap on the show.

That is all for now.