Tuesday, October 9, 2012

~Tuesday Tutorial ~ Up-cycled t-shirts

So what do you do on a cold rainy day?
Pull out the bag of way too big old t-shirts and start up-cycling!

I used a Men's Medium t-shirt and made it into a short sleeve shrug/jacket thing.

Here is the basic layout on how I cut the t-shirt out.

The strips that I cut off of the bottom I sewed together and they became the ruffled edging all around. 

Then on the sleeves I did a double tulip sleeve. 

I should have taken more picture probably in the process, but I find I just get so busy and have so much fun with the projects that I forget to take pictures... 

But it was all very simple and basic. I started by cutting the t-shirt down. Then I sewed up the side seams. Then I sewed all the strips together and ran them through a rolled hem stitch which gave it the ruffled edge.

Then I sewed the edging onto the body of the garment all the way around.

Then for the sleeves I cut open the t-shirt sleeves and cut out double tulips. Ran them through the rolled hem ass well, then put them together and sewed them into the armholes. It all went together super quickly and easily!!!

My tulip sleeve tutorial can be found here.

I love it and will be doing this again.

As always, feel free to ask any questions!