Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chorus Girls

For "White Christmas" I have a dance ensemble with nine beautiful girls and four guys. Thus I have been researching chorus girls and decided to share some pictures with you. 

These pictures are not necessarily indicative of my costume designs.

Chorus girls apparently showed off quite a bit of leg. I am not planning on mine showing this much.

Anyone for a photo shoot at the beach? 

Or maybe we should do a director/chorus girl picture. Don't you agree?

I suppose we could do it like this instead?

Or, maybe this?

These are beginning to look a little more like my costumes (with longer shorts and shirts.)

I had to decide whether I was going to make all of the chorus girls matching in the dance numbers or make them all individualized. 
After much research I decided that it would probably by more accurate to have them all matching and I love the way a line of matching chorus girls looks. 
However, that means I need to make all of the costumes from scratch as I can't just pull previous costumes. So with my nine female dancers I have to make 36 costumes from scratch. 
That includes:
 Nine pink dresses with crinolines.
Nine jazz dance outfits with blue lame vests, yellow blouses, and white shorts.
 Nine tap dance outfits with black shirts, red sequined sashes, and black satin pants.
And nine outfits with white blouses, gold lame vests, red neck scarfs, red and white skirts and crinolines.
That is not counting the costumes they will need for their rehearsal wear. 

We are well on our way to getting all of this sewn, thanks to all of the amazing help I have been getting from family and friends.

We only have the black satin pants, blue and gold vests, yellow blouses and pink dresses still to go.

I shall try and take the camera with me to theatre tomorrow and start snapping some pictures of the exciting chaos of my life currently.

Till later...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Okay, so I decided to not go to bed tonight until I have completed a post for this blog. It has been far too long since anything of substance has been put on here.

My current sewing project is WHITE CHRISTMAS costumes. 

I am the costume designer for the local theatres production of this play.

I have had a lot of fun researching it and the 1950's.

For tonight I have decided to simply post a bunch of pictures that I had collected as inspiration. I will them be posting in the future about my designs. I also want to post on hair and make up of the 1950's.

So the musical has three main dance numbers with larger ensembles. 

There is "Blue Skies"

There is also "Let Yourself Go"

And "I Love a Piano"

Then of course there is also the final number "White Christmas"

I will admit I loved all of the pictures of the flying skirts.

It made me decide to make 9 crinolines for my entire female ensemble.

This is a pretty amazing play and I will try and remember to bring a camera with me from now on to start taking pictures of what I am doing.

Okay, that might not have been a substantial post, but it was still a post.
 I promise to post again soon and make it better.