Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hats reshaping

I tried my hand on hat reshaping the other day. I had an old dirty wool felt hat that I wanted to reshape. So I did a bit of reading on the subject and set about to work my magic.

Here is the hat in the state that I got it.

So first I brushed and cleaned it well.

Next I got all of my equipment together and prepared to set to work. I got out I ton of different kitchen utensil because I was not sure which ones I would use. I ended up only using on of the ladles and a soup spoon.

I boiled the hotpot and taped the button down so that it would continue to boil. I then steamed the hat.

I then started to shape the hat while I steamed it regularly.

I used the ladle and spoons to round out the crown.

I then shaped the crown using the soup spoon.

I then finished shaping the crown.
Continuing to steam it I shaped the brim. 

And here is the finished hat. I have added a black cockade and band. But, I did not take a picture of that.

So there you go, how to reshape a wool hat.

Busy Week

So coming into this trip I had preset a bunch of posts so that I could finish them and then post them from here in Florida...

Well, the system is not working quite as I had hoped.
I also haven't really had time to figure out why it will not allow me to edit the posts and why it is being stubborn. The only free time I have is nap time and after bed time. During nap time I am normally really tired and don't want to spend it messing with a computer. And obviously, after bed time is late and I want to go to bed.

Anyhow, I will continue to work on this. But no promises anymore that you will get any more posts till I am through with my trip.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Opps, I forgot

I am sorry.

I am afraid that I am not a very good blogger. I forget to take pictures of things to post. I also have a hard time trying to decide what people would like to read. I do not want to clutter up my blog with poststhat people find boring.

Anyhow, what I forgot to take pictures of was my costume that I wore yesterday. I attended a costume party with my family and I wore my "Georgian" costume. It is not really historically accurate at all and any historical costuming buff can look at it and tell what is missing and what does not fit right. However, most people think that it is amazing.

However, it is just a costume and  I suppose does not need to be perfect. The biggest accomplishment is the fact that I made the whole outfit for less then $50. That includes my cheater corset, all of the petticoats, the dress, and the hat. So for that price I am not complaining.

But, as I said, I forget to take pictures. I had spent all day doing my hair. I curled and poofed it and added an extension. I did my makeup and then struggled into my dress.

But I forgot to take a single picture. I should have taken my camera along and taken pictures of everyone else in costume also.

I am sorry.

I shall have to have a Georgian picnic later this summer and will have a photo shoot with it. But you have to promise not to be upset with the fact that it is entirely historically inaccurate. One of these days I shall make a historically accurate gown and want to do it with the Watteau back. Sigh... one day.

Anyhow, back to the costume party. It was enjoyable. There was quite a lot of time periods represented. Anywhere from the 12th century to modern science fiction. I won in the homemade category and also took peoples choice. Overall I enjoyed the evening.

Next week I am off to Florida for several weeks. I have a whole bunch of posts prepared that I shall hopefully be finishing and posting while I am there.

I have yet to share my adventures into hat reshaping and pictures from Seussical.

That is a few of the things you have to look forwards to.