Friday, December 2, 2011

My Birthday!

My birthday was yesterday. 

I am not big into birthdays. 
Not that I am a "Bah Humbug" kind of person, I just don't bounce off the wall after stuffing myself with cake. 
I love to celebrate other peoples birthdays.
I am just not the kind of person to get terribly excited over anything as minor as my own birthday. I don't get terribly excited over much of anything. (Except sewing patterns, sewing machines, sewing techniques, movies with good costumes, and a good book.)

It is obvious as can be seen by previous "big" occasions in my life.
I have never had a birthday party ever.
I did not have a confirmation party. (Unless you count my sister's wedding.)
I did not have a graduation party. (Unless you count my brother's wedding.)
I think the first "party" that I might have in my life is my wedding. And that is only if I get married.

I think part of the reason I try not to get excited over "big" event in my life is because I don't wish to be disappointed. If I had been expecting something to happen for my graduation and then nothing did I would have been disappointed. But because I knew that nothing probably would happen surrounding my graduation I did not form any expectations that were broken. 
I knew nothing would happen, thus expected nothing and when nothing happened I was satisfied. Quite simple.

So once again with another "big" event in my life dawning (yes I know 19 is really not that big... next year is worse.) I again expected nothing. I knew that we had far too many things happening this week to even have time to make a cake or probably sing Happy Birthday. That way I was pleasantly surprised (and embarrassed) when they sang Happy Birthday for me at church before our Advent soup supper. When my Grandma made brownies for lunch I was even more surprised. 

But the most surprising of all was the gift that my little brother got me. I took him shopping yesterday afternoon to buy him a winter coat as it is starting to get cold here in Missouri. While we were out he decided to get me a birthday gift. (Totally unprompted mind you.)

My little brother got me the best birthday gift I could have expected. 

My very own copy of

That is right... The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt and Rubert Friend.

Like I said, one of the few things that excites me is a movie with good costumes.

The Young Victoria is one of those movies that has breathtakingly stunning costumes.

It is a fairy tale that was actually true. Yes, they may have taken some minor liberties, but who cares. It is still an amazing movie that I love. I have only watched it once and that was last year then it came out. But now I can watch it as many times as I want.

I think this yellow dress is almost my favorite. I can't really choose a favorite because they are all so lovely.

And who doesn't like a man in a top hat and cravat???

The detail on all the costumes is really amazing!

She only wore this dress at the very end and I wish we could have seen more of it.

Emily Blunt seamed to look good in just about every colour imaginable.

I will need to watch this movie several times and try and take in all the costumes on the extras also.

Hats, bonnets, shoes, lace, flowers, shawls... oh my!

Love it! That is all I have to say about this movie.

So it was a pretty amazing birthday after all. Even though I wasn't expecting anything. That is what made it even better.

I spent the morning babysitting a room full of 4 and 5 year olds. Then spent all afternoon shopping with my brother (you do know that I am not partial to shopping right?) and all evening at church. But it was glorious weather (and I was inside building most of the day... oh well.)

However, it was still an amazing birthday.

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