Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have a typewriter that works!!!

My brother-in-law gave me it to me last summer and I had put it away in my closet for a future date when I could get it to working condition again. 

I was deep cleaning the other day and found it in my closet (along with the corset that my great grandmother wore in the 1800s which I shall post about later.)

I pulled it out and handed it over to my brothers to give a look over and see if they could do anything about making it usable.

Two hours later I had a fully functional typewriter.

It is a 1920s Underwood

I love the feel of it and there is something therapeutic about using it. I wrote 10 pages yesterday and have written several more today. I think it is going to help with getting me back to my writing.

Just a quick update for now.

Oh, and I spent the entire afternoon dry brushing a stage floor so that it looked like wood flooring. That turned out to be a interesting afternoon and very educational.

Well, toodles.

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