Tuesday, December 20, 2011


During the run of White Christmas I started knitting again and have finished several projects since then. I have completed three hats, two scarfs, a couple of beards and other random stuff. I have also sewn a vest and skirt set and a new top. I have also designed my costume for an upcoming LOTR themed ball. But I won't show you that because I want it to be a suprise.

I will show you pictures of my sewing and knitting projects when I get pictures taken. Until then you will have to be patient.

My sister did send me a new knitting magazine that I have been enjoying. It is called Jane Austen Knits. I have made one thing out of it so far and it turned out looking good. I want to make some other stuff from it, but I have to get my Christmas projects done first.

I also made my first Gingerbread house this past week. No pictures downloaded on that either. Sorry.
It also got consumed rather quickly by many talented actors and actressess.

So there is the random quick update. I shall try to give a better ones with more pictures and maybe even tutorials.


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