Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Shakespearean Stuff

Some of you may or may not remember my previous post on Twelfth Night. The post was on my costume that I developed to wear as Viola/Cesario. I made a remark at the end about how I was trying to choose the next Shakespearean female that I wanted to do.

Well, as a follow up to that post I wish to fill you in with what took place a week ago.

I participated in a Shakespeare drama camp. We meet five times over two weeks and rehearsed and then preformed one-act versions of some of the Bard's plays. The group I was in did Much Ado About Nothing.

Thus what Shakespearean female I would do next was chosen for me. I was Beatrice.

I enjoyed it. The biggest problem I had was that I had memorized Beatrice's entire part when I was in 10th grade. However, we were doing a shortened and slightly more modern adaption. So for some of my lines I had a bit of a challenge not reverting back to the old English and the iambic pentameter. But I got it under control.

I never saw myself as an actress. I still don't. I really prefer being backstage and doing the tech stuff. However, I could potentially be persuaded to go onstage again for a Shakespeare.

Here as a few pictures of me. We really did not do anything much for costuming. Just found what we could in closets and from old costume supplies. I am afraid that there were not many good pictures of me. I do not photograph well.

Beatrice easedropping

Beatrice and Benedick

So I could not help but share this one last photo. Here is Dogberry with the darling watch.

It was fun acting Shakespeare, but I still think I prefer watching others do the acting and just studying it myself. As I said before, I am no actress.

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