Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ahoy There Sailor!!!

Here I am, sitting in a hot and humid Missouri home that happens to not have air conditioning. While you sit around and sweat it is only natural that one would dream of swimming and thus swimming suits.

Ahh... the fear and trepidation that strikes us as some think about swimsuit season.
The battle to get into (what most see as) swimsuit shape as they try to get rid of a few extra pounds that crept up over the winter.
The endless search for the perfect swimsuit, when we all know that it doesn't exist.
Either there is not enough swimsuit there (who's great idea was it to invent the bikini anyhow?), or there is too much that is not constructed to be flattering.
That pretty much sums it up for me. I will not wear a bikini because of the lack of cloth, and most swimsuits meant to be more modest do not exactly appeal to a young adult with fashion sense.

I have been looking for the perfect swimsuit just as everyone else has.

I made a list of all the characteristics that I would love to see in a suit and then spent time shopping online.

I wanted something with a vintage look.

I really like the nautical look.

I wanted modest, and yet cute.

I looked, and looked on all of the sites I could think of.

What I found wasn't what I was wanting.

So I finally decided to look no more and just design something myself.

I was able to incorporate all of the elements that I wanted.

I have now drawn up the design for the perfect swimsuit. (In my humble opinion at least.)

It has a vintage touch and appeal.

It is definitely nautical.

Finally, no doubt about it, it is modest.

I now have my new swimsuit. At least the design.

I shall just have to keep an eye out for the perfect swimwear fabrics to make it with.

I want to make the shorts out of a navy blue with six buttons and an attached white belt. I want to make the top with Americana red and white striped fabric and trimmed with white with the blue accents. The whole swimsuit will be lined and ideally have built in bra cups. We shall see.

I cannot wait till I find the right fabrics and actually make this suit.

It shall be an adventure to make my own swimsuit.

Well, what do you think of the design? Would you wear a vintage inspired nautical swimsuit like this?
Please, give me some input.

Oh, and final note. The "inventor" of the bikini as we know it today was a French engineer named Louis Reard. I suppose it is only fitting...

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