Thursday, February 10, 2011

Once again I found myself at theatre

After my participation in April of 2010 with Snoopy! The Musical! I was free from costuming for a few months. In August I received a call from Amy, the costume designer I had always worked with in the past. She has been asked last minute to design and costume The Fantasticks, a show that was to run in roughly two weeks at the local community theatre.

Once again I found myself at the theatre assisting with costumes. It was a great experiance for me as I watched the process go from the drawing board to the stage in a couple of weeks. The 8 person cast with only a few costumes changes was a relatively small show.

It was still a lot of fun to learn new technics and perform actions that I had never done before. I got to distress my first garment! It was a wonderful learning experiance and helped to prepare me for my next theatrical adventure... costuming my first show by myself.

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