Thursday, December 26, 2013

Into the Woods

Finally getting around to posting the last of the pictures from last summer season. 

Into the Woods by Sondheim was our final show.

It was a challenge and quite a fun one to tackle. So far, it would have to be one of my favorite shows to be involved in. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it and overcoming every single challenge that we had to tackle.

Entire cast

Opening number

Little Red Riding Hood at the Baker's with his Wife

The Wolf and Little Red

Baker rescuing Little Red and Granny

Jack and Milky White encounter the Baker and his Wife

Cinderella and her Stepmother and wicked Step Sisters.

Cinderella and the Baker's Wife

Cinderella "On the Steps of the Palace"

The Witch climbing Rapunzel's hair

Act II Rapunzel

Cinderella's Prince and Rapunzel's Prince "Agony"

The Baker and his Wife 

Act I Witch

Jack and Milky meet the Mysterious Old Man

Jack and Act II Little Red Riding Hood

Post Transformation Act II Witch

For more pictures check out the Facebook Into the Woods album.

This show had been on my bucket list of shows that I wanted to be involved in at some point since I first saw it 4 years ago. Being able to have the opportunity to design it was amazing.

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