Saturday, November 23, 2013


So I had meant to post these a lot quicker. But due to family illness and other life issues it didn't happen obviously.

The second show of the 2013 season was Fools by Neil Simon

Mishkin, Yechna and Slovitch

The show is about the small village of Kulyenchikov. Due to an ancient curse the entire village is stupid and unable to feel emotion. Schoolmaster Leon has come to town as tutor to the Doctor Zubritsky's young daughter Sophia Zubritsky.

Leon and Snetsky

Leon falls in love with Sophia at first sight and finds out that he has only 24 hours to educate her and break the curse or else become stupid himself.

Leon and Count Gregor

His antagonist is the Count Gregor Yousekevitch. There are two ways that the curse may be broken. Either Sophia must be educated, or marry the Count as it was his great grandfather who placed the curse. Thus the way to break it is for a Yousekevitch to marry a Zubritsky.  Out of a desire to break the curse, the Count Gregor proposes to Sophia twice a day.

Leon, the Doctor and his wife

After a long unproductive day spent trying to teach Sophia, Leon resigns himself to his upcoming stupidity. However, the time passes and Leon realizes that he still has his senses about his. He convinces everyone that he is stupid though, so that he can continue working to reverse the curse.

Leon, the doctor and his wife, and Sophia

Leon convinces Count Gregor to adopt him as his son. That way Leon can be a Yousekevitch and marry Sophia to break the curse. 

Leon and Count Gregor

Count Gregor agrees to the adoption and the wedding preparations take place. However, in the last few minutes before the wedding is to take course, the Count declares that he hadn't actually completed the adoption papers and to break the curse he (the count) shall have to marry Sophia instead.

The doctor and his wife

With some quick last minute thinking Leon manages to convince everyone that he actually has long lost relative names Yousekevitch and is capable of breaking the curse himself.

The wedding scene

So the wedding takes place, the curse is broken, and they all lived happily ever after.

The costumes were easy, and it was a simple and fun show to put together.

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