Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Ents and the lost Wife

So at last I have collected all the pictures from the Long Expected Party back in September. I figured I could share one last post about our Lord of The Ring themed Ent costumes.

 Let us start with the Ents.

Both of my brothers made Ent costumes. I designed them, found the fabrics and then turned the patterns, fabrics and sketches over to my brothers to create costumes of their own.

I was impressed with what they came out with, especially since they had neither of them sewn before. And they did these entirely on their own. (Well, they did have a bit of help...)

Love the tennis shoes right :D

This Ent was supposed to be a bit more of a bohemian piratical Ent. I like how how it turned out. (I did do all the dreads.)

Capes automatically make things more cool!

The lost wife has captured the Ents once again.

On to my costume...

My costume had 28 separate pieces all together that I put on to complete this outfit.

There were about 25 different fabrics used in my costume, between the corset, the skirt, the blouse, and the smaller pieces.

Then I hand knit the cape I wore. That took about a month, working off and on during rehearsals and shows. 

Then there was the hair. Yarn dreadlocks!!! There was about 10 or more different types of yarn wrapped into my hair.

It took 4 hours to wrap all my hair into the dreads. I parted my hair and had two friends working at the same time. It then took 2 hours to remove them 3 days later. I am working on a post dedicated just to the dreadlocks and how to put them in. They were really comfortable and I loved them!

I painted all my nails with black, brown metallic, and then a green glitter crackle top coat.

I made a wrist brace that laced up and attached to an arm brace above my elbow. I also made just an arm brace for the other arm.

Then there was the foot thong/sandle thing, laced to the ankle brace that wrapped around and laced to the garter. (Not really a garter, just don't know what else to call it.) I didn't get a picture of the garter. That part was covered by my skirt. And it kept sliding down while I was dancing, so I eventually tore it off and gave it to someone as a memento. (Not like you meet an Entwife on a regular basis.)

Here the Wife is with a lovely and adorable Hobbit!!!

I also wore 18 different jewelry pieces. All made by the amazing Shaylynn over at Shealynns Faerie Shoppe. Check her blog out for a more detailed description on the jewelry.

Here is the lovely Shaylynn of jewelry making fame in the dress that I made for her to wear.

Without her I would not have had the costume that I did! I would have probably tried making my own jewelry out of tree material, and that might not have worked so well....

It was great fun! And part of what I like about my costume is I am not stuck with an unusable costume in the end. I have lots of lovely jewelry that I can wear whenever. (Or when the outfit permits.) And multiple costume peices that can be turned into whatever other costumes I want them to be... within reason. But hey, I could be a hag, dryad (aka tree spirit... which is the same as an entwife, right? Same thing, just different names...), mermaid, witch... and who knows what else. But I like it best as the lost Wife.

Now time for a random little known fact. The reason the Entwifes ran away from the Ents and could no longer be found was because they decided it was way more fun to live with the pirates!!! True story.

And there you have it, the tale of an Entwife.

We are considering wearing these costumes for the premier of The Hobbit, but I am not sure I want to do that. It isn't exactly a warm costume.

I took none of the picture in this post. I borrowed them from friends. So for more pictures of the dance and others costumes check out these two, Caleb Royer Studios and Shaylynn. My mom and some other friends were also responsible for one or two of the photos as well.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed it. As always, I appreciate comments and questions.


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KatySue Pillsbury said...

You and your brothers look amazing, I love how it all came together! Looks like a fantastic party!
I am eagerly awaiting the dread video, they really did make the costume!