Sunday, November 18, 2012

Designer of the Week: Caroline Reboux

With winter fast approaching I decided to pull out my hat collection. 

I have many hats I have made myself (newsboys, berets, and knit tams.) But I only had two winter felts, and they were both fedoras. I am not a big fedora fan. At least, not for my own personal wear. I think they look great on others, (especially guys in the 30s) but they just are not my style. 

So I decided to change my felt fedoras into cloches because I like those so much better. (And I didn't have any winter cloches.)

Anyhow, it got me to thinking... Who invented the cloche anyhow, and why have I not covered a milliner in my designer of the week? 

So this week we have Caroline Reboux (1837–1927) as our feature.

Famous Parisian milliner and French designer she was often known as the "Queen of Milliners."

One of her greatest accomplishments that still lives with us today is the cloche invented in 1908. She has been credited with creating and popularizing it. She also was the first milliner who added veils and the use of coloured veils to hats.

She opened a shop in Paris in 1865 and was based there most of her life. She also opened other stores in Paris and London. Many whom she taught went on to open stores in New York and Chicago.

Caroline Reboux also made the trademark berets that Marlene Dietrich wore. (A style not normally worn by women till then.)

Caroline was a leading milliner and remained so till her death in 1927.

Now for some random cloches. I love the shape and style of the cloche. I need to get me some more!

They are so warm (coming down over the ears and all.) and since they are so snug you don't have to worry about them blowing off. 

That's all for now.

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