Monday, January 30, 2012

Still Alive?

Well, yes, I suppose I am.

I have been rather busy what with the play there for a while. (We were doing You Can't Take It With You.

After the play my parents came home from a business show with a whole bunch of sewing orders that needed filled (and we keep getting new ones that still need filled, which is great.) So I have been sewing for him. 

I have also been working on possibly getting an Esty shop started. I have also started taking in custom sewing and alterations locally. And I am a Pampered Chef consultant and have been writing for a couple of different local papers. Not to mention babysitting. 

The most exciting thing that I have done this week so far is cleaned out my closet. It was amusing. It was kind of like traveling through time. I have clothing from the 1950's through the 1820's (the real deal clothing.) Then  in the clothing that I actually wear I have costumes from the 1950's and the Regency Era and the French Revolution and pirate costumes and steam punk and ect... the list goes on. 

I also realized the I must like hats (I only have 16) and belts (only 13 of those.)

I am thinking about trying to come up with a schedule to follow on my blog here. So that I can be for faithful about posting. 

I want to bring back my Designer of the Week (which I think I only ever posted one of.) And I was thinking about something like a Tutorial Tuesday or something  like that. And I might come up with some other ones, we shall see. 

Anyhow, I have a whole bunch of pictures that I have been taking and as soon as I figure out how to get them off of my brothers camera I shall try and post them. I know, you are probably tired of the constant promise about "one day I will...." But I promise! 

I have a tutorial on how to make a super full gypsy skirt in an hour and a half... Yes it is possible. 
And so much more. So till tomorrow (Tuesday Tutorial remember.) 


P.S.  I noticed that I have more posts on this blog about Shakespeare then sewing. That is sad since it is supposed to be about sewing.


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