Monday, January 16, 2012


Up this morning at 5. 

Had a cup of coffee. I don't know if I can express just how much I enjoy coffee. I enjoy it not only because of the energy boost it gives in the morning (which is nice) but I really like the flavor. I have always drunk my coffee black and I just really really like the taste of a good cup of black coffee in the mornings. 

Chocolate, coffee and bacon.... the three best things in the world. If God gave us coffee, bacon, and chocolate here on earth just imagine the amazing things he has saved for heaven!

Anyhow, I have decided that I didn't like the way the cape was turning out that I was knitting (I was knitting a cape in case I hadn't said that earlier and was trying to make up the pattern as I went.)

So I decided to rip out the whole thing and start over with a basic pattern to follow this time. So I found a pattern and printed it out.

I also have some really pretty rainbow yarn that I want to make into a lacy wrap/shawl.

So I found some different patterns and printed them. I just have to decide which one I like most.

I also just got this magazine for Christmas. Jane Austen Knits. I pretty much love it, even though I haven't made much of anything out of it. All I have knitted from it is the scarf on the front cover.

I really want to make this cape someday. I already bought this homespun looking peach yarn for it.

I have always liked capes and the idea of knitting them makes me happy. I just wish I knew more about knitting (like how to read patterns.)

There are so many different patterns in that magazine that I wish I could do.

Who doesn't need a spencer?

Or cameo mittens. So cute!!!

And everyone likes scarfs.

Fingerless gloves are also on my top ten things I wish I could knit list.

Sigh.... another cape.

Well that is enough hyper coffee ramblings. Off to get more done. Maybe there will even be time for some knitting today!!!!


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