Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Theatre Bug

Part of what hooked my interest in sewing was theatrical costuming.

It all began with a local theatre troupe called Fine Linen Drama. It is a troupe run by an amazing homeschooling family who wanted to bring family friendly theatre to the community. They started out as a small group and have slowly expanded over the years.

When I heard about Fine Linen Drama they were performing The Pirates Of Penzance. I was interested in joining, but did not have to nerve to audition. So I volunteered to assist with costuming. I went in one day for a sewathon and assisted with the production of policemen costumes. Although I was uncertain about my sewing ability I volunteered to do more. The wonderful costume designer gave me a project to take home. So over the next few months I began work on my third major sewing project.

This costume was the result of a few weeks of frenzied sewing as I carefully cut, pinned, and stitched it together hoping for the best.

After I had gotten over the initial fear of costuming I regularly volunteered at the Theatre and assisted with all that needed done before the show and during the show.
Some of the lovely daughters of the show

The policemen in blue

A few of our pirates and Ruth

After working with this wonderful group of people it was plain to see that I had been bitten by the theatre bug. A few months later I volunteered again, this time for the community theatre. I joyfully assisted with their production of Scrooge, The Musical.

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