Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The theatre bug continued

The next theatrical production I assisted in was again a Fine Linen Drama Production. In the spring of 2010 we performed Pride and Prejudice adapted from Jane Austen's novel. With a cast of 36 people (most having 3 to 4 costumes apiece) it would prove to be an exciting costuming endeavor. Doing anything from sewing on a button to completing entire costumes I also assisted during the show with hair and makeup and the many costume changes. It was a truly exciting experience and a great joy to again work with all these talented people.
The ball scene at Netherfield
The Bingleys, Darcys, and Hursts
The lovely Lucas family
The Mr. Collins and wife along with Lady Catherine and daughter
The officers
The ensemble
The Bennet family
The entire cast

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