Sunday, August 14, 2011

Georgian Straw Hat

I made a Georgian ensemble about a year ago. It was complete with corset, petticoats and all, minus a hat. So about 5 months ago I finally made a hat to go with it. I took two straw hats and taking the crown from one and the brim from the other combined them into one.

I then took the spare crown and sewed it inside the other crown so that the hat would sit with the right angle.

Then came time to steam and shape the hat.

I basically just reshaped the brim so that it went up in the back instead of down.

I then took scrapes from my dress, some random flowers and feathers I had laying around and trimmed it.

Overall I like what came out. It looks quite pretty when I pile my hair up and perch it cockily on top.


Lauren R said...

This is very cute, and helpful. I've been dreaming of making a small straw hat that flips up in the back like this, but wasn't sure how to go about it

Laura said...

I am glad you liked it.