Sunday, June 26, 2011


I shall start this week of overdue posts with a collection of pictures from Seussical. This was the latest theatrical production that I assisted with. I was a seamstress and the wardrobe supervisor.

Seussical is a musical based on a collection of the books by Dr. Seuss. It chronicles the adventures of Horton the elephant and his struggle to protect the Whos and the egg. It also follows Jojo the son of the Major of Whoville and his adventures at the Butter Battle and with the Hunches.

For a complete synopsis check out Wikipedia.

The entire amazing cast!

 The saucy jungle ensemble

Kanga the Sour Kangaroo and her baby

The dashing Wickersham brothers

The adorable Gertrude

Gertrude has her tail at last

Amazing Mazie and the darling Bird Girls

Sensible Horton and irresponsible Mazie

The talented Circus ensemble

The cheerful town of Whoville

The enigmatic Cat in the Hat and Jojo

The Beach singers and Fish dancers conjured up from Jojo's imagination

The fierce Cadets with their General

The most helpful Hunches

All is happy in the end as Gertrude and Horton welcome the darling elephant bird into their new family.

It was an amazing production and I was very honored to be able to work with all of these wonderful people.
I miss you all!!!

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Luiza said...

These costumes are absolutely beautiful! Can I "pick your brain" for patterns you used for the Bird Girls and Who's? Also, did you put together the color schemes for all of the costumes? I have been doing theatre productions for years and these are THE BEST Seussical costumes I have ever seen! BRAVO!