Monday, April 11, 2011

Playing with "hair"

I decided that I wanted to play with synthetic hair and learn how to manipulate it. So a few weeks ago I got out the only piece of synthetic hair I have and began to play. This started out as a wavy ponytail extension.

I started out by rolling the hair in curlers.

I then heated a large pot of water on the stove. I brought it to boiling. I using a pair of kitchen tongs I quickly dunked the hair into the pot of boiling water. I left it in there for a few seconds then removed it and placed it on a towel to drain/dry.

After allowing it to cool and dry for a bit I slowly removed all of the curlers. Tada, perfect ringlets.

I then combed it with my fingers to see what it did. It poofed quite nicely.

Now I had a curly mess of an extension. So I decided to try straitening it out. So I reheated the pot of water and dunked in the hair.

I ran a comb through it.

I then dunked it a couple more times and also shampooed and conditionered it a few times.

I then hung it out to dry.

Here is the final product.

Overall I think it went really well considering the age of this hair. It is a 12 year old hair extension. It lost a significant amount of hair and the extension is a lot thiner. This is mainly because I used a brush and not a large toothed comb.

It also was begining to lose its coloring. I think that is partially due to age and the lack of synthetic hair cleaners.

It was alot of fun and I learned alot about synthetic hair.

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