Friday, May 24, 2013

Preparing for a show

So I am two weeks out from "starting" work on the summer season at our local theatre. We are doing Peter Pan the musical, Fools by Neil Simon, and Into the Woods. So a great season full of fairy tale characters. One of the joys of being a designer, it that your work gets to start way ahead of others. I have been spending the last few months collecting ideas, drawing sketches, ordering materials and supplies, and full of charts and more charts. 
Since the design team is spread out across several states I decided to utilize Pinterest as a way of centralizing my design ideas and making communications easier. So I created a board for each of the three shows. Check them out if you want to get a taste of the pre-show stuff that goes on for a costume designer.

Peter Pan

It's a great way to save links to supply sources and pics for ideas all in one location.

Hopefully I shall actually be able to maintain somewhat of a photo log of what we achieve in costume shop this year! They are all some great shows and with some rather great costumes, I think.


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