Sunday, September 9, 2012

Entwife Update

So I mentioned back here about the knitted cape I made for my entwife costume that I was designing.

Well, it is finally taking shape, but still not finished. I have about two weeks to complete it.

I went out with the few pieces that I have completed and did a photo shoot with a friend.

So here are a few pictures.

Remember, is not completed.

The cape I knit by hand and it took me about a month working on it slowly.

The corset I designed the pattern for and constructed myself. I made a base and then covered the entire thing with tiny pieces of fabric and lace that I distressed and then hand sewed yarn vines onto.

I am still making the skirt that I will actually be wearing.

I am still finishing all the arm and leg braces and the skirt.

I am also going to do yarn dread in in my hair using a variety of green and brown yarns.
And I have a very talented good friend who is making me a complete jewelry set to get with the outfit. Check out her blog. Or like her on Facebook.

Anyhow, I will post more detailed picture of my completed costume once completed. There will also be picture of my brothers in the Ent inspired costumes as well.


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