Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Tale is finished

So A Tale of Two Cities the Musical closed a few weeks ago. 

Unfortunately I am a total failure when it comes to taking pictures.
 Not one single night did I take a camera and shoot photos of anything. 

I know I should have taken pictures as I did Lucie's elaborate hair every night, and some of the other ensemble girl's hair also... But I totally failed at that.
 I just don't think of those things until afterwards.

 Anyhow, you will have to be content with some pictures that I have stolen from some very obliging people elsewhere. Thank you Alyssa and Mark! 

Silhouette of Lucie and Dr. Manette during  You'll Never Be Alone

Lucie and Charles Darney singing Now At Last. 

See, I really should have taken better pictures of Lucie's hair and how I did it. It was quite an updo.

Mr. Lorry, Dr. Manette, Lucie, Miss Pross, and little Lucie during Until Tomorrow. 

The sailors in Dover.

The British court during The Trial.

Mr. Sydney Carton getting drunk with Mr. Jerry Cruncher at the law office. 

French and British soldiers in Tale. 

Nasty, dirty, bloodthirsty French mob in Everything Stays the Same. 

Madame Defarge knits while Ernest Defarge listens to Mr. Barsad. 

More angry French mob people. 

Look, someone actually achieved getting a picture of me! I am putting in Mr. Carton's ponytail. 

Well, A Tale of Two Cities the Musical is finally finished and strike is completed (for the most part.) It was a great show and it would be fun to participate in a production of it again some time. 

I have about a month here that I am taking a break from theatre. I am doing custom sewing locally, sewing for my father's business, and working on getting my summer wardrobe tidied up. Hopefully I will have some time to do interesting posts. Come June, I start up again at theatre as stitcher for the summer season. We are doing The Wizard of Oz, Noises Off, and The Diviners. So I have a busy summer ahead. 

Till later.

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