Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hats reshaping

I tried my hand on hat reshaping the other day. I had an old dirty wool felt hat that I wanted to reshape. So I did a bit of reading on the subject and set about to work my magic.

Here is the hat in the state that I got it.

So first I brushed and cleaned it well.

Next I got all of my equipment together and prepared to set to work. I got out I ton of different kitchen utensil because I was not sure which ones I would use. I ended up only using on of the ladles and a soup spoon.

I boiled the hotpot and taped the button down so that it would continue to boil. I then steamed the hat.

I then started to shape the hat while I steamed it regularly.

I used the ladle and spoons to round out the crown.

I then shaped the crown using the soup spoon.

I then finished shaping the crown.
Continuing to steam it I shaped the brim. 

And here is the finished hat. I have added a black cockade and band. But, I did not take a picture of that.

So there you go, how to reshape a wool hat.


Shaylynn said...

What a neat idea! :D It's so pretty now.

Did you dye, it, too? Or is that just the lighting?

Laura said...

nope, did not dye it. It is just the lighting. And the fact that I cleaned it really well and I did find that it came out just a bit darker after all the steaming, but just a shade.

Shaylynn said...

Ok! It looks beautiful.